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Guitar Resources

Guitar and musician resources, guitar stores, manufacturers and suppliers. Scroll down for listings.
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Musician's Friend Scratch and Dent Sale
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Musician's Friend
One of the very best online music stores.
USA, Canada and International
Kelly's Music
Canadian store with great service and prices. Specializes in musician software and accessories.
Ships in Canada, USA, International

Recommended: For a comprehensive listing of guitar and amplifier manufacturers, suppliers and online guitar stores, see CleverJoe's:

More Guitar Links:
Alvarez-Yairi Guitars
Acoustic and electric guitars. Banjos and mandolins.
Andreas Guitars
Shark design electric guitars and basses.
Aslin Dane
Wood and composite electric, acoustic and bass guitars.
BC Rich
Solid body electric guitars and basses.
Metal-body resonator guitars, mandolins and ukuleles.
The Birdsong Hand Built Guitar Co.
Manufacturers of hand built short scale and medium scale basses and electric guitars for the professional player. Wimberley, Texas.
Bunker Guitars
Electric guitars, basses, and touch guitars.

60's guitar reissues.
Callaham Guitars
Vintage 50's and 60's reproduction electric guitars and hand-built hand-wired tube amps.
Carter Steel Guitars
Factory-direct steel guitars. Tour, accessories, and reference. Located in Mesquite, Texas.
Carvin Guitars
Factory direct guitars, basses, amps, P.A. systems and sound reinforcement equipment.
C.F. Martin and Company
Acoustic guitars, strings and accessories.
Chapman Stick
Fretboard tapping instruments.
Citron Guitars
Handcrafted guitars and bass guitars.
Archtop and flat top acoustic guitars.
Composite Acoustics
Aerospace composite acoustic guitars and basses.
Conklin Guitars
Electric guitars and basses.
Cort Guitars
Acoustic and electric guitars and basses.
Daisy Rock Girl Guitars
Daisy Rock guitars are acoustic and electric instruments made for girls.
Re-issue Guitars, amps, effects and accessories.
D'Angelico Guitars
Re-issue archtop guitars.
Deakon Roads Guitars
Canadian manufactured electrics, for under $1,000
Dean Guitars
V-notched winged headstock electric guitars.
Dramm Guitars
Creators of the "botar," an electric guitar played with a bow. Pictures, creator information, and general information.
Driskill Guitars
Handcrafted electric guitars. Quilted or flamed maple tops, unusual finishes.
Duesenberg Guitars
German electric guitars
Produces wood and ivory components for the manufacture of guitars and other instruments. Located in Spain.
Emerald Guitars
Custom designed acoustic guitars with solid silver detailing. Includes history of the instrument, features, news, photos, and contact details. Located in Ireland.
Acoustic and electric guitars and basses.
ES Guitars
Builds custom hand made guitars for rock and metal music. Located in West Haven, Connecticut
ESP Guitars
Electric guitars and basses.
Fano Guitars
Electric guitars and basses
Fender World
Fender instruments and equipment
Fernandes Guitars
Guitars available with a sustainer system built in that is similar to an E-Bow.
Retro inspired electric guitars and basses.
Frudua Guitar Works
Italian electric guitars with unlimited options.
Fury Guitars
Look pretty nice. High mass bridge and tremolos.
G and L Guitars
Electric guitars and basses. Factory tour.
Garrison Guitars
Manufacturer of solid wood acoustic guitars. Product information and dealer locator. Located in Canada.
Go Guitars
Travel Guitars
Godin Guitars
Company history, model details and dealer list. Located in Qu├ębec, Canada; manufacturing also in New Hampshire. [English/French]
Gretsch Guitars
The Classic Country and Rock-a-billy archtop electrics
Guild Guitars
Now a division of Fender. Quality acoustics and Hollow body electrics
Portable mini guitar with built-in headphone amplifier. Description, pictures, and order form.
Hamer Guitars
Construction details, history, workshop tour, catalog, news, mailing list. Based in Connecticut, United States.
Archtop, flat top and electric guitars.
Guitars, basses and stringed instruments.
Ibanez guitars, strings, and pedals.
Jackson Guitars
Electric guitars and basses.
Jerry Jones Guitars
Vintage electric guitar reproductions.
John Birch Guitars
Electric guitars and basses, pickups and MIDI instruments.
Kaman Music
Makers of Ovation, Hamer and Takemine guitars.
Lace Music Products
Electric guitars, pickups and Lace Helix aftermarket twisted necks.
Landing Guitars
Short and long scale bass guitars.
Godin and Seagull guitars
Legend Guitar Company Ltd.
Produces a variety of guitar styles. Includes news, dealers locations, and an on-line forum.
Gibson Les Paul electric guitars.
Liberty Resonator Guitars
Brass and wood body resophonic guitars.
Lone Star
Acoustic guitars, requintos, bajo sextos, cuatros and tres.
Lowden Guitars
Flat top acoustic guitars.
L.R. Baggs
Advanced pickups and electronics for guitar and other stringed instruments
Melobar Guitars
Lap steel guitars.
Mercurio Guitars
Interchangeable pickup solidbody electric guitars.
Metropolitan Guitars
National style solid body electric guitars.
Mirage Guitars
Handcrafted high end acoustic and electric guitars by Rick Somboretz in Cincinnati, Ohio. Includes product and ordering information.
Modulus Guitars
Graphite neck electric guitars and basses.
Moses Graphite
Graphite stringed instrument products, including electric guitar and bass necks, EUB's, classical stringed instrument components, acoustic guitar parts and graphite re-enforcement.
Mossman Guitars Inc.
Acoustic guitars and basses.
We can service all your guitar neck and body needs.
National Reso-Phonic Guitars
Single and tri-cone wood and metal body resonator guitars.
N.I.C.E. Guitars
Electric guitars made in Switzerland. Basic models and custom designs.
Parker Guitars
Models and features of the Parker Fly guitar.
Paul Reed Smith Guitars
Paul Reed Smith guitars
Pawar Guitars
Scroll cutaway solidbody electric guitars.
Peavey Electronics
Amps and musical instruments.
Phantom Guitarworks
Vox style electric guitars.
[California] Electric guitars and basses.
Robin Guitars
We get up each morning with one thing in make a better guitar.
Sadowsky Guitars
Electric guitars and basses.
Santa Cruz
Archtop and flat top acoustic guitars.
Schecter Guitars
Electric guitars and basses.
Spruce Hill Guitars
Aluminum body electric guitars.
S.R.A. Axefactory
Handmade Italian guitars and basses. Customs and repairs available upon request.
guitars and basses
Stromberg Guitars
Reproduction archtop jazz guitars.
Suara Mas Guitar Factory
Indonesian guitar manufacturer, wholesale sales only.
Suhr Guitars
Electric guitars.
Tacoma Guitars
Some models have the unique paisley sound hole.
Acoustic and electric guitars. Manufacturing details, history, news and dealer search. Based in Sakashita, Japan; offices in Connecticut, United States.
The Self-Tuning Guitar
Treker Guitars
Electric, acoustic-electric, or custom guitars. Patented floating neck.
Tyler Guitars
Electric guitars and basses.
Un-Sung Guitars and Musical Instruments
Electric guitars, bass guitars, acoustic guitars, and amplifiers.
U.S. Masters Guitar Works
Factory direct electric guitars and bass guitars.
Vigier Guitars
Electric guitars and basses.
Guitars, amps, pedals and accessories.
Warr Guitars
Touch-style guitars. Lead, bass and rhythm simultaneously.
Washburn Guitars
Guitar manufacturer with details on guitars, amps, accessories and endorsees
Wayne Guitars
Solid body electric guitars by Wayne Charvel.
Wilde Guitars
Guitars by Bill Lawrence the pickup manufacturer
Yamaha guitars and accessories.
Zachary Handcrafted Guitars
Handcrafted, uniquely designed, electric guitars and bass guitars.
Zion Guitars
Electric guitars.
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